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What is a Lessetarian?

Lessetarians eat meat - we just eat less. Lots of people think it’s fine to eat meat but would like to be healthier or reduce the impact they make on the world. You can do something! You can be a lessetarian. You don’t have to stop your consumption of meat. Just cut down. There are already lots of people who habitually have less meat in their diet - some of your friends - likely your ancestors. Before modern refrigeration, few people could afford to have meat every day.

How can I eat less meat?

Decide to not eat meat at breakfast times (or a different meal). Think of meat as an addition to dinner instead of the base you build it around. Buy a cookbook for Asian or other cuisines which use smaller portions of meat. Try something from the vegetarian section in the supermarket, or some unusual fruit or vegetable. Do you like Chinese, Italian, or Mexican restaurants? Try a vegetarian or vegan one. No one will ask you for I.D. or make you sign a pledge.

It’s Better For You
If you cut down a little, you would be healthier and less likely to be obese. Buying smaller cuts would save grocery money.

It’s Better For The Animals
If we all reduced our intake of meat, fewer animals would need to suffer on intensive farms. You could even take the savings and buy free-range.

It’s Better For The World
If we ate less meat, there would be less pollution from animal waste, more grain crops and less famine, less risk of disease, and more trees!

What About Vegetarians?
Most vegetarians or vegans aren’t going to think much of going "half-hog," but many will admit it’s better than doing nothing, and two people becoming lessetarians equals one vegetarian. Lessetarians don’t see anything wrong with a barbecued steak - we just think there’s no crime in a veggie hot dog either!

Isn’t It the Same as Being a Flexitarian?
Similar but different starting points. A flexitarian is a vegetarian who is willing to eat meat sometimes. A lessetarian is an omnivore who reduces meat in his or her diet. (I may have invented the word in 2008, and it’s now on the MacMillan Dictionary Blog and the Urban Dictionary!)

Don’t Real Men Eat Meat?
Does this mean real men can’t eat anything else? No chips and salsa? This isn’t denying yourself food - it’s just reducing meat and adding other things to your diet. Dying from your cholesterol levels when you’re fifty and stranding your family is not a terribly manly act either.

Be a Lessetarian!
A lessetarian can be of any religious or political preference. You don’t have to change your whole life, or attend some meeting, or preach at people. No one even has to know. Just eat less meat!

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