St. Pierre-Miquelon

St. Pierre and Miquelon are two tiny fishing islands off the west coast of Newfoundland, Canada, owned by France. I went to St. Pierre for a weekend in August 1999 with friends. Back then I didn’t have much travel budget, but I’m glad I went, because not many people have been here (and even in August it was cold). You need to enter French customs to go there, and it’s a little impressive (or strange) how the entire town is so totally, obstinately French in language, culture, food, and goods. It is absolutely not Canada. Nevertheless, friendly people, and as ever, it’s amazing how fluent you become in French after a few hours of drinking.

Approaching St. Pierre by Ferry
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  August 1999. St. Pierre from Hillside
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  August 1999. Ile-aux-Marin, St. Pierre ›
  August 1999. Arrival Point, St. Pierre ›
  August 1999. Court Ball Game, St. Pierre ›
  August 1999. Road Ocean View, St. Pierre ›
  August 1999. Church Bronze, St. Pierre ›
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  August 1999. Hillside Panorama, St. Pierre ›
  August 1999.